Solange's Cooking Story
How I became the cook I am today.
Cooking is Love
"I love food, and I think it’s a great way to bring pleasure to people. I love knowing that I’m making people happy with my food.

I was seven years old when I made my first pot of rice in Rio de Janeiro, standing on an apple crate to reach the top of the wood-burning stove. After burning and throwing out the first pot, my mother showed me how to get it right. That second pot wasn’t great, but at least it wasn’t burned. By thirteen, I knew how to make a great number of dishes and the rest is history.

I like to make everything form scratch, using as many fresh ingredients as possible. People tell me time and time again that that they can tell my food is made with love. I like to make things in traditional ways, but I always change a few things and add my own unique touch to everything. 

After working with food for three decades, I decided to expand my knowledge and took a Master Chef class in West LA. The experience got me excited about new dishes and techniques, and I look forward to taking more specialized classes, like Indian and Thai courses in the future."